Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Syncing over Wifi and 802.11n in Next iPhone?

I read an interesting article today at lunch and I hope it's true.

Does this mean wifi syncing for updates and everything else a possibility in the next version of iPhone? I hope so as that would make it truly a wireless device.

That's always kind of been a sore spot with me about the iPhone as it's on a ball and chain to your computer. Of course, everyone knows you need a computer to 'activate' the thing and get it up and running but shouldn't that be about it? Unless something REALLY bad were to happen for a restore, I don't see any reason you should be tied to a PC, Mac or any sort of laptop even. I mean, you can download music via the mobile version of itunes, you can download podcast, you can download apps and games, youtube for watching short clips and music videos, what else am I forgeting? I can understand maybe not downloading whole movies or seasons of tv shows but atleast have the option to update to the latest firmware over wifi. What if I'm on vacation for a week and day 1 Apple releases a new firmware or I need to snag something off the home computer that I forgot?

All I'm saying is that it would be nice to know that I can update, upgrade, whatever straight out of my pocket and onto a wifi hotspot and BAM! Got it! Cable's Shmable's...Meh!

Hey most every other REAL phone out there can get by without it. Guess that's the price ya pay for having the hottest phone out there! =)

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