Sunday, January 25, 2009

Scanning the Possibilities. Next-Gen-iPhone

As the rumor mills continue to buzz on the next several months I would like to take this time on this date to post my "wish list" for the next generation of iPhone and I will then continue to pray that it is announced in about five months.

Note that I'm gonna stick to the 'Hardware' side of things mostly for this portion as I want copy&paste and mms and all that goodness as much as the next guy by default.

These are in no particular order.

More RAM and faster CPU

A common complaint I often see on the many iPhone forums I frequent is apps crashing and safari crashing and well, just a LOT of crashing going on. The current iPhone could definately use a boost in RAM to sort of smooth things out a bit. 256?

Processor speeds and power? Check out this article.
Apple gonna pull out some PA Semi magic this year? Who knows but I say it wouldn't hurt to stay ahead of the game!

Quote from forum user at tOmatO:
"Faster processor? the previous linked articles on the ARM 11 successor looks good, and Broadcom/Infineon chips look a likely upgrade. Apple's agressive comments in the earnings call look like they want to have a damn fine v3 iPhone. Why would they lose momentum?"

I tend to agree!

Larger Screen Size

Bigger is always better in my opinion as far as "screen only" size. I'm talking maybe another inch or whatever else they could fit into the current size phone. HD anyone?

Longer Lasting Battery

I don't think anyone would argue this one. If you are a heavy user I'm sure you drain your battery on a daily basis or maybe even on a half daily basis for some. I've already started looking at my options for external power be it a 'dongle' or 'charging case' of some sort. There are a lot of options out there for backup battery savers but why should we be so dependant on these? I honestly wouldn't care if the phone was thickened up a bit to accomodate a larger battery if need be. And I've heard mention that the new macbook batteries are pretty small and may even fit in an iphone someday. With all the other upgrades they could make battery consumption management is going to be a trick indeed! Removable?!

Capacity Upgrade

This I would say is the most obvious and likely upgrade this year is a capacity bump to 32gb or maybe even more. This for me, is a sort of sweet spot. I have a 40gb ipod that will be passed down to my wife and I usually keep it right around 20gb full. Now I could (and will) seed through all the crap songs I usually skip through and cut that down about 5gb. Those that argue "why do you NEED all that music with you at ALL times" well, because I can and there's no telling what sort of mood I'll be in and it sure is nice to have anything ready at anytime.

3-5mp Camera with Flash and Video Recording

This one is on a lot of peoples list from what I've been reading and heard. 2 mega-pixel cameras on phones are just....just....OLD ok? It's time to move it up a few notches! I know there are those cameraheads out there that preach on about how megapixels do not matter and all that but I think a bump from 2 to 5 would make a liiiittle bit of difference don't you? Also it needs some sort of flash to help with low lighting situations as the iPhone camera works poorly in. Video Recording? C'mon now. It's obviously POSSIBLE through jailbreaking for those that wish to go that route.

Here's an article from last May about the hiring of Lead Camera Design Engineer for iPhone. Maybe it's about that time we see something!a

And another:

Recent news of iPhone camera new chip:

Front Facing Camera

Maybe for recording yourself or for live video conferencing? Live streaming via UstreamTV would be neat. Make it to wear you can switch between front facing and the main camera on back on the fly so if you're in videoconference and want to show them something.

Although these rumors flew off the hook before the 3g was announced last summer, I think Apple and At&t would have to push this pretty hard to make it worth their while. But ya know, they have sold what, 12 million something iphones now. Make the next version kick-ass and sell millions more! The more hands the phone is in the more features such as this could be used.

More Bluetooth Compatibility

I would like to see A2dp so that I could use stereo headsets to stream my music and take calls, like the Motorola MotoRokr S9 HD's. Most people wouldn't find the need or even want to but I still think it would be nice to have the option to use a bluetooth keyboard and maybe even an external monitor. It would be like a mac mini in your pocket!

More Durable Shell Casing

I've read on countless iPhone sites where peoples iPhone 3G plastic cases are cracking. Here's one thread on one forum in particular that I've been following for some time now.

This is just unacceptable if you ask me and it's STILL happening from mid-last year to TODAY! I am going to be paranoid of my iPhone when I get it because of fear of cracking!

I say give us Carbon Fiber. Strong, Durable and Looks pretty good as well. Plus I'm sure it wouldn't interfere with the radios inside as they claim the original aluminum backed phones did.

Louder Speakers

I've read several people's wishes for this and I must agree. The option for louder would be a nice addition.

Wireless Syncing

And this could simply be a software upgrade rather a hardware but I think it would be great. I mean, I want to be completely wireless except for the charging when needed. Why can't we sync for firmware updates and the sort over wifi or something? The iPhone is in sync with iTunes right? Well there is iTunes on your iPhone or a wireless version nonetheless, let us sync everything thru that instead of having to be physically connected to our PC's at home or Laptops. What other phone out there HAS to be sync'd through cable to get updates? My brother has a BlackJack2, he doesn't even own a computer but he does just fine with it and it only.

And well, that's about it for now. It's getting late and I'm feeling a bit rant'ish by now so I'd better stop there. =P

If this phone were to make it this June it would Rock my World.

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