Sunday, January 25, 2009

Peggle Launching in March!!!

Notice at the end of the title of this posting I exclaimed with three, count'em THREE exclamation points.

That's because I'm officially a 'Peggle' junkie. Yea it's one of those games that no matter what I'm doing either it be cleaning the house or whatever but every time I pass by the computer I must sit and launch into another short (supposed) gaming session which usually ends up lasting a "short" hour and so on.

It's one of those fun, exciting, cute games with things constantly popping and jumping and exploding all over the screen. Think 'plinko' (price is right) on steroids with odd mythical creatures leading you on your way... ok well maybe phsycadelic 'plinko' would describe it more precisely.

The object of the game is to make all orange pegs dissapear by shooting these little, what look like ball bearings, from the top center of the screen. You start out with 10 balls and have opportunities to gain additional balls as you play through the level. As you progress you will unlock new characters with their own special power-ups to aid you along the way. Some of the power-ups are lame but most are very well thought out and take a bit of strategy to use. Actually each shot can be played strategically so that the ball bounces off of one peg and try to hit another. It's hard to be patient and place your shot precisely as you just want to keep firing one after the other without hesitation.

Anyways, it has been a blast on my pc the last couple of days since I downloaded it from and I can't wait to see how it converts to pocket-size.

The only fear I have is it being too laggy since there is constant motion and constant fireworks going off. Hopefully the iphone can handle all it has to offer.

Here's the article I found on it being possibly released in March where supposedly PopCap twittered about it coming soon, then erased the tweet and then came back and said it will be here in early March.

Read more about the game here.

And at least go download the demo and start practicing!


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