Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Video-Conferencing Rumor Drags on. Google's Latitude Helps you Stalk your Friends. No iPhone in June?!

Links found today in relation to iPhone include...

More mention of iPhone video recording/conferencing. Wolfe digs a tiny bit deeper into the patent and pieces it together. A slightly interesting read but nothing really new. (if you read the patent like I did =))

Google's new "Latitude" service works with Google maps to allow you to follow friends and family on your smartphone. Soon to make it's way on iPhone.

iPhone owners make up 14% of mobile game downloads. Now this is a reason for me to believe we will see the next iPhone be a real powerhouse in terms of being a solid gaming device as well as a phone. It really already is pretty solid in gaming but I want to see solid'er...'er.......ummkay...

Next Generation iPhone in June Rumor Doubtful. Wow! You may as well went to any iPhone forum and picked up on one of the countless threads saying "iPhone possibly in June", then posted what you found, then posted the next day that it was all just a guess! I mean c'mon. iPhone in June? I say were still on! Quick let the world know I said it! Haha!

That looks like all the iPhone news for today. Somewhat of a slow, boring news day but there you have it!

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