Sunday, February 1, 2009

Flash to Debut on a New iPhone?

Flash is a very popular web plug-in that is used to deliver animation and video content on the web. Apple's iPhone has notably not supported Flash since its launch.

I've never really put much thought into having flash on an iPhone as most any experience I've ever had with flash on my pc usually bogs down or locks up requiring a restart which usually leads to swearing and mouse abuse (I've broken two already).

With all these rumors of flash and mutli-core iPhones though I don't guess it would be entirely out of line to assume that it become a possibility in a forthcoming model.

Really the only thing I would probably use flash for is online video (hulu, africam) as I would think flash games would be a little clunky unless specified for iPhone only.

Give me an on/off switch and I 100% welcome it with open arms!

I first saw this story on Link:

Site Quoted:

"Bloomberg reported this weekend that Adobe Engineers are working diligently on getting Flash down to an acceptable level of power usage and performance to work on the iPhone/iPod touch architecture. The bad news? Don't expect this technology to become available in the first half of 2009.

The joint technology optimization is targeted for the ARMv6 and ARMv7architectures used in the ARM11™ family and the Cortex™-A series of processors and is expected to be available in the second half of 2009. The partnership stems from the Open Screen Project, a broad Adobe sponsored initiative of industry leaders - including ARM - to deliver a consistent runtime environment across multiple devices by taking advantage of Adobe Flash Player and, in the future, Adobe AIR. The initiative is set to address the challenges of Web browsing on a broad range of screens, and remove the barriers to publish content and applications seamlessly across screens. For more information, visit .

By the second half of 2009, the iPhone 3.0 Operating System will be around. So will new iPhone ARM Cortex A(8?) series hardware that will likely be able to handle the intensive CPU requirements that Flash takes to perform well. Will Apple back port it to older hardware? Perhaps but it is unclear how it will perform."

Well, I'm glad they seem so sure that iPhone 3.0 will definately be "around" and that if they mean the second half of 2009 that means 'announced in June, released July' ya know, since July would technically be the "second" half of 2009.

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